Primacoustic Introduces IsoPads

Primacoustic IsoplanePrimacoustic has introduced the IsoPad series of speaker isolation devices. The pads are designed to eliminate the coupling and associated low-mid resonance of speaker cabinets as they vibrates sympathetically with solid surfaces.

The IsoPad series is available in either a flat panel model called the IsoPlane or, for installations where monitor placement is elevated, the IsoWedge model has a 6 down firing angle to ensure on-axis placement of speakers. A front lip eliminates monitor movement due to excessive vibration. Using the IsoPad decouples your monitor from the surrounding environment, allowing you to hear improved imaging, better mid range definition and dramatically improving bass definition, according to the company. Improved accuracy from your monitors means you will have better mixes, and decoupling your monitors from the environment means your neighbors will be less likely to complain about the noise.

According to Primacoustic Product Manager, Andrew Meissner: “It is truly amazing how much of a difference isolating your speakers from the studio makes to your sound. In listening tests, engineers always mentioned how hi-hats seemed to jump out of the speakers and that the bass finally sounded like it was coming from the speakers instead of the whole room. The IsoPad allowed the engineers to truly listen to what was being recorded or mixed.”

Made from high-density light charcoal open-cell acoustic foam, the IsoPad comes as a set of 4 to allow vertical or horizontal placement of monitors. Each pad measures 13″ long, 4.5″ wide.

More information is available at the Primacoustic site.

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