Primacoustic Introduces Venice Acoustic Panels

Venice Acoustic PanelsPrimacoustic has introduced the Venice series of acoustical treatment panels. Designed as a total solution, the Venice panels act as a broadband absorption system to deal with frequencies from 500Hz and up. With a total length of 52″ and a width of 12″ the Venice system comes complete with backing panels that make installation with finishing nails a breeze and re-modeling and re-location is a snap.

Utilizing the latest release Primacoustic 3″ thick Z-Foam the panel pieces are glued to the integral corrugated plastic backing panels. Once the glue has cured the panels can easily be mounted around the room perimeter. Since the panel has a slim profile placement in a symmetrical pattern is easy, as the panels are designed to fit into difficult room architecture. Acting as a broadband absorber the panels are useful for reducing primary reflections and flutter echo that plague recording studios and home theatre environments.

According to Primacoustic Product Manager, Andrew Meissner: “Venice panels really ad to the architectural flair of the rooms they are placed in. The fact that people can move them at will and change the look and personality of their room is a feature that everyone loves. Also the thin profile lets you deal with difficult areas, such as between doors and windows, when you are trying to solve all primary reflection and flutter echo issues. I am amazed at how easy room designs have become since we introduced the Venice panels and installation is as simple as working out a room grid with 18″ to 24″ spacing between panels”

Made from high density dark charcoal open-cell acoustic foam, the Venice systems come in a set of 4 per box. Each panel is 52″ high, 12″ wide and 3″ thick.

More information is available at the Primacoustic site.

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