Time Machine Boost Pedal Updated

time machine boost guitar pedalLegendaryTones has announced an enhanced version of their Time Machine Boost (TMB), designed to maximize the tone of existing guitar and amplifier rigs and provide the ultimate lead and rhythm boosted tones. The new two-channel, quad-mode version of the TMB features many updates over the original classic which all adds up to even greater tonal versatility.

The Modern channel now includes a Warp Drive switch that delivers added drive gain and harmonics while retaining the tone and punch. Ergonomic and functional enhancements are also part of the new Time Machine Boost, including the use of a “no tools” battery access compartment all housed in a custom-designed angled enclosure made of heavy-duty galvanized steel.

About the Time Machine Boost

The LegendaryTones and Robert Keeley Time Machine Boost is a two-channel, quad-mode boost pedal that offers two unique modes of vintage-style boosts in its Vintage channel, as well as two modes within its Modern channel. The TMB is designed to push tube amplifiers for expressive rhythm and lead boosts via its completely independent channels and circuits.

The TMB has a wide range of uses. Use it to further overdrive a tube amplifier into more harmonically rich distortion or as a preamp to strengthen the output signal of a guitars pickups. Its two-footswitchable channels with independent volume levels provide further dynamics, tone shaping, and versatility.


  • Two independent channels (Vintage & Modern) with four modes of operation (Vintage: “1966”, “1973”, Modern: Warp Drive on/off – clean boost)
  • Separate level controls per independent channel
  • Intensity control for Vintage channel to control harmonic level
  • True bypass with individual LED indicators for on/off, Vintage, and Modern channels
  • 9v DC with included battery or optional 9v DC Adapter (standard positive sleeve Boss style)
  • “No tools” battery access compartment Construction Features
  • Hand-crafted design using premium components and assembly techniques
  • Limited new old stock (NOS) germanium transistor for vintage channel
  • Select premium low-noise silicon transistor used for modern channel
  • Premium 3DPT footswitches
  • Switchcraft input and output jacks
  • Heavy-duty custom design galvenized steel housing (dimensions 5.5″ x 4.75″)
  • Premium 22 guage Teflon insulated wire
  • Limited Lifetime warranty

Pricing and Availability

The Time Machine Boost by Legendary Tones and Robert Keeley is available direct or through a dealer network for $299. Due to the amount of time involved building each hand-crafted Time Machine Boost pedal, there is a current anticipated waiting period of 4-6 weeks.

For more information, visit the Time Machine Boost site.

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