Announces 6 Apple Loops CDs

Acid Music has announced 6 new Loops CD releases for Apple Garageband.

AcidMusicLoops is expanding their catalog of Loops CD for Apple’s loop-based audio programs like Garageband, Logic and Soundtrack. There are now a total of six CD titles that feature original Apple Loops for users of Garageband and other Apple Music Creation Programs:

  • Symphonica – Over 320 Orchestral Loops, Strings, Winds, Brass, Hits
  • B-3 to the Max – Over 340 Classic Hammond B-3 Loops
  • eXtreme Guitar – 240 ultra hot electric guitar leads, riffs and power chords
  • Sonic Leads – Over 320 Lead Lines, guitar, synth, piano, organ and more
  • Sonic Textures – Over 320 Chord Textures, Synth Layers and Arpeggios
  • Analog Heaven 2 – Over 340 classic synth loops for Dance, Techno, Rock & Pop

AcidMusicLoops is headed by Producer Alan Steward, who has worked with many grammy winning acts from the Temptations to the Baha Men.

You can find more info, including sample demo tracks, online at:

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