Sonic Studio HD Updated to 1.9.1

Sonic Studio HDSonic Studio has announced the release of version 1.9.1 of their digital audio workstation software for the Macintosh platform.

SonicStudio HD version 1.9.1 is the latest incarnation of the SonicStudio line, the first professional desktop digital audio production system. Two years of development have culminated in version 1.9.1’s release, bringing improved functionality and stability to recording studios and mastering houses everywhere.

Long known in the recording industry for it’s often imitated editing model and pristine sound, SonicStudio HD has set many precedents for the industry, with such firsts as support for the AES-EBU standard for 24 bit word length and the DVD-Video–mandated standard for 96 and 192 KHz sample rates, as well as multitasking DSP and double precision data paths.

For more information, visit the Sonic Studio site.

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