AudioWarrior Announces Strummable Acoustic Dreadnought ReFill

AudioWarrior has introduce Acoustic Dreadnought, a Reason Refill designed to let you use a strumming action on a MIDI keyboard to play guitar chords. The programming for Reason’s NN-XT takes care of organizing the individual notes into chords, ready for you to lay out on the keyboard for performance.

The brand new half-gig library is essentially an entire sampled dual-tuned (Low B and A-440) 6 string acoustic dreadnought guitar that lives in your computer. Sampled on all open strings and all frets up to the 20th fret with 5 velocity layers per chord patch, complete with wood thumps, wood slaps, plinks, and stunningly beautiful harmonics sampled at the 5th, 7th, and 12th fret (Low B Tuning). 440 harmonics will be available as a download for registered users.

Strum forward, strum reverse, or play individual notes of the chords including Natural Harmonics, Plinks, Scrapes, and Wood Sounds. It’s possible to map out an entire simple acoustic guitar song with all the chords ready to be played in 24bit glory on your keyboard in less than 1 minute. You can position as many different 6 note chord patches as your keyboard can hold.


  • More than 1 Half-Gig (503 megs) of 24 bit/44.1 unprocessed natural acoustic samples
  • All open strings and fretted notes have been sampled individually
  • Hammer-ons,
  • Wood slaps/thumps
  • String scrapes
  • Plinks & string sweeps above the tuning pegs
  • Natural harmonics @ the 5th, 7th, and 12th frets (Low B tuning)
  • “50” of some of the most widely used Standard 440 (open-EADGBE) multi-velocity chord patches
  • “14” Low B (open-BEADF#B) tuned multi-velocity chord patches
  • Multi-velocity Harmonics patches
  • Multi-velocity Hammer-on patches
  • Muted notes
  • New chord patches and sounds for registered users monthly
  • Complete song patches containing multiple chords are possible and may be requested by registered users
  • Natively programmed for use with Propellerheads NN-XT Sampler

Available Now. Retail Price: $129 US / 99 Euro

For more information, visit the AudioWarrior site.

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