DrumCore Introduces Drummerpack for DrumCore

Submersible Music has introduced the new Matt Sorum MattPack I DrummerPack, for use with its DrumCore software. MattPack I is targeted at producers, composers, and musicians who need rocking drums with a variety of song elements.

MattPack I comes pre-configured with metadata information for use with the DrumCore search engine. This provides quick access to grooves, fills, variations and individual drum sounds. Search content based on style (rock, funk, alternative, etc.), feel (straight, shuffle, etc.), time signature and tempo. Users can even add their own criteria (create a new “style” for example) and enter their own comments for searching. DrumCore also exports directly to Pro Tools, Logic, and Digital Performer sessions.

Grooves were recorded in 5 BPM increments for the most musical grooves, and keeps audio quality from being compromised by extreme time-stretching or beat-slicing. All audio is 48kHz/24-bit and recorded in professionally designed studios using state-of-the-art digital (ProTools HD3) and analog (SSL 9000, Neve, etc.). MIDI drumkits are also included.

MattPack I requires DrumCore 1.5. Customers purchasing DrumCore by the end of 2004 will receive a free upgrade to 1.5 and a FREE MattPack I disk when they are available Q1 of 2005, as part of Submersible’s “More Matt” promotion.

MattPack I Grooves Include:

  • Bo-nafide – Hey Bo. Did Lee? Chunk-a-chunk-a-chunk…..a-chunk, chunk!
  • MetalHead – The name says it. C’mon and grab that whammy and turn it up.
  • MotorTown – A retro-style R&B groove but with more grit
  • AltSmash – Ride the crash and make a brooding alternative smash.
  • SnakeFoot – Matt’s foot’s like a Howitzer machine gun. When you really need to drive things along with incessant thump
  • Ryder – Detroit rocks, and classic tom beats like these made it happen.
  • Scuffle – Okay, it’s a raw, rockin’ shuffle from the streets of L.A.
  • Fill-er Up – We let the hard disc roll and got some great performances. Useable with all the grooves except “Scuffle”.

MattPack I will be available Q1 2005 for the retail price of $79.95 U.S.

For more information, visit the DrumCore site.

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