Intuem RW Released

Intuem has announced the latest release of their namesake application, Intuem RW.


Responding to customer requests, Intuem RW has full ReWire 2 support, audio play-through, a newly designed Mixer, several new “Pro” features, and a host of convenience features.

Intuem RW works with any ReWire 2 device, like the very popular Reason from Propellerhead Software AB. Intuem RW can receive almost any combination of audio channels from a ReWire device, and can send MIDI to any defined bus/channel on a ReWire device. Intuem RW’s new audio play-through feature lets users apply AudioUnit effects to incoming audio in real-time, and that includes ReWire audio input. Users can now listen to audio input as it will be recorded and effected before and while recording, and can listen to ReWire devices just as easily as internal DLS/SF2 MIDI instruments.

Intuem RW 3.0.0 New Features:

  • -Intuem is now a ReWire mixer application with full support for ReWire devices as MIDI destinations and as audio sources. Intuem automatically manages your ReWire connections and devices for you allowing you to open them from within Intuem via the preferences or inspector, and even automatically opening any of them when Intuem starts. Open ReWire devices automatically appear as MIDI destinations for MIDI tracks and as audio sources for audio tracks. Freezing ReWire audio tracks and converting ReWire MIDI tracks to audio is fully supported also.
  • -Audio play-through now lets you hear what you’re recording before you record it to check levels, and while recording to know you’re getting it down. Play-through works on ReWire audio tracks too so you can hear what you’re streaming. If your tracks have AudioUnit effects they will be applied as part of play-through–a complete audio editing and experimenting environment.
  • Created a new darker look just for Intuem RW and it is now the standard appearance. With the darker style come options to show micro, notation, mega and audio tracks with dark backgrounds to blend in well with the new style, or in lighter colours to make it easier on your eyes in a brightly lit room. The brushed metal and Aqua appearances are still available.
  • The Mixer now has two appearance styles, the original brushed metal and the new standard Intuem RW style with new easier to read controls, and a special Graphic EQ control.
  • The mixer has new modes available as part of the new appearance style to make it more intuitively easier to use. You can now choose to have the mixer be the single master-control for all controllers-completely superseding any recorded automation. Alternatively you can set the mixer to be a complete slave to the recorded automation. In both cases you can also engage an “Overwrite” mode where changes made to the controls are recorded as automation.
  • Added the option to change the playback speed of a composition from 1/4x to 3 times normal speed. Speed can be specified as a simple multiplier (like 2x) or in terms of pitch by ± one octave in 1 cent intervals. The current playback speed is saved with the document and you can make a default document with a specific playback speed.
  • Can now drag and drop audio files from the finder into Intuem. When dropping a file on a document window’s title bar a new track is made with the audio clip, and when dragging into a track the clip is inserted right after the scrubber and the scrubber advances to the end of the new clip.
  • Controller tracks for AudioUnit instruments can be viewed and edited like the Tempo track.

Intuem RW 3.0.0 Customer Tweaks:

  • In 10.3.x (Panther) you can preview audio files before importing them.
  • Added the ability to order AudioUnits into groups. Intuem will automatically put newly installed AudioUnits into groups by manufacturer. You can put your AudioUnits into any kind of group structure you like.
  • Can now refit notes in one step by selecting notes to refit and choosing a duration from the “Refit Selection to…” sub-menu. The selection will not only be adjusted to fit in the time chosen, but will automatically be shifted to the earliest beat or bar boundary saving you another step. Furthermore, when the refitters are on-screen, you can snap them to the start and end of a selection.
  • Can now loop over a selection in one step. After choosing the menu command or entering the keyboard shortcut Intuem will set the loop start and end points around the current selection and begin playing & looping it.
  • Changed the transpose function to work on multiple entire tracks as well as individually selected notes.

Intuem RW 3.0.0 Fixes:

  • Eliminated periodic crashing at start-up when quitting quickly then restarting or after several restarts.
  • Fixed problems using the ReWire preference panel to control opened ReWire devices.
  • Fixed problems co-ordinating compositions with the inspector and ReWire devices.
  • Eliminated crashing when entering a tempo change, key change or meter change.
  • Fixed problems with tracks not remembering the ReWire device last used even though available.
  • Fixed problems recording MIDI in a loop where notes would not be terminated.
  • Fixed problems playing a ReWire device in a loop where audio would cut out.
  • Eliminated droning/clicking noises from ReWire devices when starting play on slower systems.
  • Removed limitation preventing ReWire devices from setting Intuem’s tempo and meter.
  • Fixed problems streaming audio via ReWire from Ableton Live.
  • Eliminated apparantly random crashing when editing MIDI notes.
  • Fixed problems and limitations when converting MIDI to audio and freezing tracks.
  • Fixed a problem preventing note retriggering from working if the note’s time is to be changed.
  • Fixed crashing and problems arising from using grouped tracks.
  • Fixed problems with documents not having the correct icon.
  • Fixed problems with audio clips sometimes not playing, especially while looping.
  • Fixed problems loosing text when importing some Standard MIDI files, especially Karaoke files.
  • Removed limitations preventing Intuem from reading and salvaging non-standard or damaged MIDI files.
  • Fixed problems with QTMI & other AU instruments having incorrect MIDI program change bank numbers.
  • Fixed problems auditioning programs while changing them if using an AU instrument.
  • Prevented the Inspector from being too persistent in appearing after a composition is closed.
  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause a crash while looping or make Intuem unexpectedly play out of a loop.
  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes scramble the audio clips in a saved composition after re-saving and other saving related problems.
  • Fixed a bug that would render certain newly created audio clips unusable.
  • Improved stability when using and switching between 3rd Party AudioUnit instruments.
  • Addressed issues with freezing and converting to audio where the recording could become quite noisy.
  • Addressed a number of other bugs and issues.

System Requirements

Minimum: G3 Macintosh (preferably 500MHz or faster) with 512Mb RAM running Mac OS X version 10.2.6 (Jaguar) to 10.3.0 (Panther). We recommend testing the performance of your G3 system with the free Try Out version of Intuem.

Recommended: Dual Processor G4 Macintosh with 512Mb RAM running Mac OS X version 10.3 (Panther). USB MIDI Interface MIDI Keyboard with on-board sounds.


Intuem RW 3.0.0 Preview Release is available now for $79USD and as an upgrade for existing Intuem 1, 1.5, 2.0 & 2.1 owners for $49USD. Preview Release owners should contact us at [email protected] to arrange to trade-in their copy for the completed release.

Intuem RW version 3.0.0 is available to purchase at by download, and for the first time on CD-ROM–deliverable anywhere in the world. Intuem RW is also available in a try out version at for free for thirty days with no obligation.

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