Zarg Introduces ReD Drum Semi-Modular Drum Machine

Red drumJohn Bowen Synth Design/Zarg Music has released the ReD drum, a user-defined variable architecture drum box for the Scope platform.

One of the Red Dwarf (RD) line of semi-modular products, the ReD Drum has 8 insert slots and comes with 33 modules, from which the user can then select a sound source material for each slot. The sources can be sample based or synthetic, with several Custom Drum modules allowing full user design in conjunction with the RD series II module set.

Each channel has a MIDI clockable delay line and panning circuit, as well as 3 FX inserts and other mixer functions such as Solo/Mute, etc.

The built in step sequencer has variable step length and clock division for each of the 8 channels, for polymetric and polyrhythmic composition. The sequencer also has separate enable/disable preset controls per track, so individual pattern rows can be mixed from several pattern presets to create new ones.

Price is 80 EUR, which includes 29 drum modules and 4 RD series II modules. A bundle including the complete RD series II set (some 77 modules) is 115 EUR.

More information is available at the Zarg Music site.

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