Electronica in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a small country in Central America. It’s a country without an army. Some know it as a banana country, a country of great beaches and forest, or even a great place for surfing and surfing competition. Some people even think it is an island, which is not. But have you heard anything about electronica in Costa Rica?

Electronica in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has a lively and growing electronica scene.

Costa Rica ElectonicaIt all began at house parties, warehouse and small places eight years ago, or more. There were not a significant number of people who came to the events. At that time, they were called raves, but the press was only interested in ravers in a sensationalist way. They published in one of the most important Costa Rican newspapers well-known stereotypes about the rave scene, and saying the stories were true, based on a one-night investigation by two journalist. This kind of article has been repeated each year – not good for this infant scene, looking for a space to grow.

More recently, the “big raves” have arrived in Costa Rica, including the S.U.N Project, Christopher Lawrence, Anthony Pappa, Space Tribe or Dark Soho to mention some of them. There have been a few each year – at least one event every two or three months. The attendance was relatively good, but there wasn’t an ideal place to play electronic music. They were open air, which can only be used in the dry season, and were used just for the psy scene.

Promoters are born and die. The police hit on one of the most attended spot for ravers because of some drug problem. This unleashed the cancellation of events like Infected Mushroom, which ended up playing in a small bar. The sensationalist press had a feast, which is one of the reasons why the term rave is not used anymore. Thanks to the insistence of promoters, DJs, and people who love this music, the scene passes fast throughout its dark moments.

In 2003 things were changing, something was happening. Two Acid Dance artists came this year. Xenomorph came twice, the last time with Neuromotor, who did an amazing duo never seen before. Satoshie Tomie, Carl Cox and John Digweed, three of the best DJs and producers, came to give us the taste of some of the best electronica shows in the world. A projection of what it comes next.

Costa Rica Ferry CorstenBuilding on the foundationset in the 2003, 2004 is getting better each month. First with the birth of two electronica clubs. The promoters have decided to do the best they can. As a result, seven artists from the Top 50 from The DJ List have come to Costa Rica to bring us their shows, and four more have confirmed that they are coming still this year. Three from the top 10 which are Oakenfold, Tiesto and Deep Dish. Also one of the best live acts on Earth came again, S.U.N Project, for the Halloween party. Ferry Corsten, right, is shown at his September 14 show at Costa Rica’s 360 Club.

This what is happening in this Central America country, with just four million people. Maybe in the future, people around the world will not just think about Costa Rica as the beautiful tropical country that is, with their beaches and forest. They will think of the great parties, with international DJs and talented national DJs they can enjoy. Maybe you will be one.

Guest Author – Rogelio Jimenez

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