Love Parade Reaches Santiago, Chile

The Love Parade, Santiago Chile South AmericaThe Love Parade, the biggest electronic carnival in the world, is coming to South America.

On January 8th, electronic music will take over Santiago, Chile. More than 100 DJs – national and international — will be playing their music in a party where tolerance, freedom and respect for difference will be the tone and also the excuse to enjoy for over 18 consecutive hours.

The Love Parade was born in Berlin in 1989, when the German people were still divided by the Berlin Wall. The entire city went protesting on the streets, accompanying the politicians with music and using House music as its flag. Over the years, The Love Parade became one of the most important electronic festivals, and now it is being held in several countries all over the world.

For the first time it will be held in South America and it is Euphoria that brings the Love Parade to our capital. Euphoria is a group of arts and electronic music artists, founded in 1994 by Manuel MartÌnez (Capit·n Cianuro) and Carlos Latorre (DJ Zikuta). In 1995 the group was joined by Pascal Rosales (DJ Pascal), and Paulo leyton creative director, visual artist and web designer. Together with them work a group of approximately 10 people amongst which graphic designers, digital designers, electronic musicians, journalists and collaborators of the most diversified areas. Euphoria is the oldest and most experienced group in the local electronic scene.

“For the first time the Love Parade will be held in Santiago de Chile. For the first time in South America. This is absolutely fantastic, this is wild,” stated Dr. Motte, founder of the Love Parade. “If you have ever experienced a ‘rave party’ and fell in love with its enthusiasm, then you know what is coming… It is the inner experience of an individual dance shared collectively. The moment when the Love Parade ‘reaches its peak’, something unique happens. Then you experience the very heart of the phenomenon of dance culture spreading unstoppably around the world. It’s all about love and freedom. It’s about remembering who we really but really are and why we are here.”

On the 8th of January 2005, Euphoria is going to take over the city. They will construct a fixed stage in Plaza Baquedano, the central point of the Love Parade. Besides that, there will be 12 Floats (pre-prepared trucks) and on top of them a vast group of DJs (approximately 100). These trucks will drive by a pre-determined circuit where the participants will walk on the rhythm of electronic sounds coming from the turntables. All this together with the presence of high temperature, nice atmosphere and above all electronic music.

The Love Parade in Chile receives the support of the Department of the Metropolitan Region stgo chile, The Sub-secretary of Transport, the Chilean Police Force, the Santiago Subway, German embassy, international media and corporate sponsorship.

More information is available at the Chile Love Parade site.

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