Leapfrog Audio Releases Rephrase

Leapfrog rephraseLeapfrog Audio has released Rephrase, a powerful audio phrase editing virtual instrument.

Using Rephrase, audio tracks become instruments in their own right. Rephrase imports monophonic audio phrases and automatically splits them into notes for playback via MIDI. Export the MIDI into your host for editing and let Rephrase play it back with all your pitch, timing and phrasing changes.

Rephrase is powered by a high quality Resynthesis engine, allowing free control over pitch, time, volume, formant, partial tuning etc.. Pitch changes in Rephrase use formant preservation, meaning phrases sound authentic up and down the scale.


  • Import monophonic .WAV files, separating time and pitch
  • High quality spectral resynthesis engine
  • Automatic (adjustable) note-detection
  • Midi Export of phrase notes, including pitchbend and drag n drop support
  • Accurate pitch and volume approximations
  • Transparent time scale modification
  • Easy to use, powerful and smooth spline based envelope editing
  • Pitch shifting with formant preservation, for no chipmunk effects
  • Pitch correction, for improved tuning
  • Tempo detection and time stretch synchronisation, for rapid integration of new phrases
  • Timbre control via formant, brightness, partial detuning and oddEven partial amplitude controls
  • Comprehensive vibrato/tremolo synthesis
  • Spectrum based compression
  • LP/HP/BP resonant filter
  • High quality reverb
  • Advanced file caching and navigation, for the fastest possible workflow

The Windows VSTi version of Rephrase can now be purchased online directly from http://www.leapfrogaudio.com for $199 / €159 / £109. A free 14-day demo version, screenshots and audio demos are also available from the website.

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