Audio Ease Rocket Science Bundle v3 for OSX

AudioEase Rocket Science VSTThe Audio Ease Rocket Science Bundle (flight path simulator, talk box and autowah) has now been released and improved for OSX (Mac G4 or G5). It consists of three audio plug-ins for RTAS, HTDM, MAS, Audio Unit and VST.

Improvements over the previous version include extra automation features, support for surround formats and high sample rates.

  • Roger – You can apply human vowel filters to your audio with Roger. Use the vowel bar at the bottom to click through the vowels and click the portrait to select one of the Roger family members. Features include portamento, automation, Midi-controll and rythmic talk-nonsense mode.
  • Follo – Dynamically adjusts the peak of a resonating bandpass filter according to the level of the incoming audio. Applications of Follo include an autowah on a guitar, and a thumping resonating bass generator.
  • Orbit – Orbit lets you control the virtual position of your sound source. It accurately calculates the sound source’s reflections of the walls of a virtual ‘outer room’, using the exact amount of delay and attenuation for the direct sound and all reflections alike. Useit a s a physicallly correct panner, select from preset source trajectories, or create them yourself via live midi controll or parameter automation.

List Price is $249, upgrades cost $79.95.

More information, demos and mp3’s can be found at

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