TazMan Audio Release Audio To MIDI Plug-In

TazMan TheExtractorTazMan Audio has released TheExtractor, PC VST plug-in that can extract audio information in real-time and convert it into MIDI messages, as well as allowing you to control up to 4 parameters at the same time from a single audio source.

TheExtractor makes it is possible to control a synthesizer/sampler or effect unit (as long as they accept MIDI data) by using audio input instead of a MIDI keyboard.


  • 2 different pitch detection algorithms.
  • Note and Beat transient detectors result in an automatic generation of MIDI notes.
  • Volume and Brightness parameter detection.
  • Input Gate for tracking just the input signal you want (and ignore low level noise).
  • Modulation Matrix provides you with the choice to select which MIDI messages (Targets) you wish to generate from the 5 extracted parameters (Source).
  • Graphical displays of the Input, Pitch, Spectral and Note output parameters.

TheExtractor is a VST plug-in for Windows that can be purchased online for $34.95. Demo version and audio examples are also available.

For more information, visit their web site at http://www.tazman-audio.co.uk.

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