Sonoma Wire Works Releases 7 New Effects for VST Hosts

Sonoma Wire Works 7 vstSonoma Wire Works has released a collection of seven new effects available in one convenient VST plug-in called Sonoma 7 VST. Included are effects like auto-wah, multiband compression, modulation, delay, reverb, and parametric EQ.

By combining all seven effects into one plug-in, musicians get convenient access to multi-effect presets, and the ability to instantiate more effects without using up extra insert or send locations. Each effect can be enabled or disabled separately, and by using a single window, screen clutter is minimized.

The seven effects included in Sonoma 7 VST boast sleek user interfaces designed with familiar knobs and buttons that are easy to grasp. These seven effects can also be found in RiffWorks recording software available with Line 6 GuitarPort RiffTracker.

The seven effects are:

  • Attaq is an Auto-wah filter effect. With Manual, Envelope or Sequence modes you can create wah effects from subtle to wild based on picking strength or a pattern.
  • Tripwire is a three-band compressor and distortion that can be used for everything from traditional low-mid-high EQ to advanced frequency dependent compression and expansion, to pitch shifted distortion.
  • Tempest is eight modulation effects in one unit. With selectable wave shapes and full control over range, depth and tempo-syncable speed, it’s extremely flexible.
  • 4X4 is more than your average multi-tap delay. It actually uses 4 discreet delay lines with separate control over tempo-syncable delay time. With the adjustable feedback damping, you go from warm tape-echo sounds to bright digital delay sparkle.
  • Supertanker allows you to select the reverb type and adjust the size and damping.
  • Stamina is an optical style compressor that is perfect for tightening up a performance or getting radical pumping effects.
  • NoEqual offers traditional British EQ controls.

Sonoma 7 VST effects plug-in for Windows is available now for download and purchase. Until activated, the plug-in is a fully functional demo. Each time an effect is turned on a one minute timer starts. After 60 seconds the effects are automatically turned off.

Sonoma 7 VST is on sale direct from the company for $149 until December 31, 2004, which saves customers $50 off the list price of $199.

For more information, visit the Sonoma Wire Works site.

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