Ultimate Sound Bank Releases Sound Design VST

Xtreme FXUltimate Sound Bank and its North American distributor ILIO have announced the release of X-treme FX. The sample-based plug-in is the first virtual instrument solely dedicated to musical soundscapes, sound effects, foleys and atmospheric sounds. The plug-in’s versatile 8 GB sound library allows for fast and easy construction of complex textures. Its powerful UVI engine provides a comprehensive set of sound shaping tools including filters, envelopes, syncable LFOs, a flexible modulation matrix and much more. Sounds can be further enhanced with a wide range of integrated effects.

X-treme FX is also a great compositional tool that will inspire original ideas for soundtracks, or even remixes, with sounds that can best be described as inventive, cinematic and otherwordly.

X-treme FX makes a wealth of creative sound effects available: It provides over 5,000 presets, from bizarre to beautiful, from cyber machines to morning breezes. X-treme FX is exceptionally versatile, and it is much faster and more affordable than using conventional sound effect libraries. Included categories are: Atmospheres, Scenes, Surreal, Science Fiction, Sub & Drones, Natural, Urban, Foleys and Musical.

Scenes are provided: One preset loads up an ensemble of related sounds, perfect for live mixing or creating a virtual soundscape. Throughout the library musicians and sound designers will find sounds that are off the beaten path, original and expressive.

A wealth of sounds doesn’t mean long search times. Thanks to its thoughtful organization, users are just seconds away from the sound they need. X-treme FX also features very responsive load times: Access to the sounds is almost instantaneous, even for complex scenes. To tailor the sound, all sound shaping controls are in a single window. The interface offers premium quality sound-design tools allowing users to twist and reshape each sound to fit their project.

X-treme FX delivers professional sound effects and a fresh new approach to virtual instruments. It’s the perfect tool to create effects for video, CD-ROM, games, music, and broadcast programs.

X-treme FX retails for $399 and is available for Mac (VST, MAS, Audio Units, RTAS) and Windows (VST, RTAS, DXi).

More information is available at the Ultimate Sound Bank site.

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