Free Sample VST Instrument from Sounds Online

East West Free CDSounds Online is offering a free sample-based virtual instrument with 650MB of content.

EastWest is giving you the chance to get your own copy of Native Instruments Intakt and Kompakt virtual instruments for Windows and Mac, along with 650MB of content from Zero-G to get you started, all for free. It’s all on their latest sampler CD, the Zero-G Virtual Instrument Collection, and these are the fully function versions of the NI instruments, supporting the usual interfaces.

The CD is included with all orders made at , EastWest’s on-line soundware store, while supplies last, or can be ordered by itself if you’re will to pay a $9.75 shipping charge (and you’ll get a coupon code for free shipping on a later purchase if you choose that option). Some EastWest dealers will also have the Zero-G Virtual Instruments Collection on-hand for the price of just paying them a visit.
The included content includes:

Kompakt Instruments (1 to 5 instruments per product)

  • EWQL Gold Edition
  • EWQL Silver Edition
  • Hardcore Bass
  • Morphology
  • Stormdrum KOMPAKT

Kompakt Multis:

  • ProSamples Platinum Drumkit From Hell 2
  • EWQL Symphonic Orchestra Platinum Set

Intakt Instruments (2 to 3 loops per product)

  • ProSamples Platinum – Adrenaline
  • ProSamples Platinum – Afrolatin Slam
  • Altered States
  • BW in Cuba
  • ProSamples Platinum – Koncept & Funktion
  • NY Cutz
  • Percussivle Adventures 2
  • Sounds of Polynesia
  • Sounds of 70’s
  • ProSamples Platinum Stormbreakz
  • Stormdrum INTAKT
  • ProSamples Platinum – The Operating Table

For more information, visit the Sounds Online site.

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  1. So, how do I get the “free” sample CD for $9.75 shipping? I can’t find a link anywhere that takes me to a spot where I can order it. They all take me to the main product ordering site, and I can’t find the sample CD there. Am I blind?

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