Leapfrog Audio Updates Rephrase Audio Phrase Editor

Leapfrog RephraseLeapfrog Audio has updated Rephrase to v1.1.1. The demo has also been updated, and allows a 14-day trial period.

Rephrase is a powerful phrase editing virtual instrument. No longer do you have to think of audio tracks as fixed blocks. Using Rephrase your audio tracks become instruments in their own right. Edit them directly as midi in your host application, or even play them live via midi.

Changes in v1.1.1:

  • Fixed: compatibility with Windows 98/ME.
  • Fixed: compatibility with DirectiXer VST-DX wrapper.
  • Improved: various aspects of the installer/uninstaller.

Rephrase Version 1.1 was released on 20th November, and included the following changes:

  • Added: MIDI export synch – using this (default) option, host can now playback from anywhere in phrase.
  • Added: support for fractional tempos.
  • Added: help button – launches the manual.
  • Added: extra zoom level.
  • Fixed: problem exporting midi to SX1.
  • Fixed: some varieties of .WAV files gave an import error.
  • Fixed: slice select notes would sometimes cause bad pitch

More information is available at the Leapfrog Audio site.

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