Beta Monkey Releases Drum Werks Series V6

drum werks volume 6 viBeta Monkey Music has released Drum Werks Volume VI, featuring over 700 acoustic drum loops in eighteen different groove sets, from 6/8 blues ballad grooves to driving 180 BPM rock shuffles. Drum Werks VI is targeted towards the bluesman or classic rocker.

For musicians writing Blues, Bluesy-Rock or related genres, Beta Monkey’s Drum Werks Volume VI offers:

Cohesive Sounds, Versatile Loops: All grooves, groove variations, fills, and one shot loops are taken from a single recording session. Users can mix and match all tempos, feels and styles (shuffles, 12/8 and 6/8 patterns, etc.) from twelve distinct Groove Sets for enhanced versatility and creativity.

  • Complete Multi-Velocity Drum and Cymbal Sample Section: Full multi-velocity samples of all the drums and cymbals recorded are included. The Drum Werks V sample kit can be used to build grooves from scratch or augment track construction with any of the 700+ loops.
  • Intuitive Organization: All loops on Drum Werks VI are grouped by tempo and style in Groove Sets, complete with main grooves, groove variations, and fills. Creating full tracks is facilitated by an easy and intuitive file naming system.
  • More: Stand-alone HH and RC patterns, time-keeping with and without snare backbeats, are included for many different tempos. Cymbal swells, ending ritards, and other vital components to realistic and natural drum tracks are included.
  • A total of 735 (561 MB) license-free, 16/44, stereo, acidized drum loops.
  • 196 (105 MB) matching multi-velocity drum and cymbal samples.

Drum Werks Volume VI is available exclusively from Beta Monkey Music for $26.99, including same-day worldwide shipping.

For more information, visit the Beta Monkey site.

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