Hypnos Vocoder Brainwave Entrainment Plug-In

Hypnos VocoderDeveloper Richard Wolton has announced the release of the Hypnos Vocoder plug-in for DirectX audio hosts.

The Hypnos Vocoder produces sound ‘effects’ which utilize brainwave entrainment functions integrated at the core level of a vocoder effects processor.

Unlike other methods (“BrainWave Generator” etc.) there is no simple addition of beat frequency sine waves to the audio. Instead, each component of a complex vocoder signal is split into left-right pairs that are individually encoded to produce an entrainment frequency. This results in a vocoder effect processor that naturally produces the brainwave entrainment effect within the actual harmonics of the music itself — effortlessly, musically, and precisely.

More information is available at the Vocoder Plugins site.

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