Behringer Drops Prices On Popular Gear

behringer eurodesk mixerBehringer has announced immediate price reductions for some of its best-selling products in the Americas, Europe and Asia Pan Pacific.

Mr Michael Deeb, Chief Executive Officer of the Behringer Group said: “Behringer has been revolutionary in the industry not just in terms of innovative product features and good quality, but also in making professional audio products accessible to the mass market. Our strategy remains to offer competitive advantages to businesses using our products, and to make professional audio products as affordable as possible to each and everyone of our customer – from professionals musicians to amateurs.”

The Behringer products affected by the price reduction include all the DJ mixers and UB Series mixers. Selected Truth Series studio monitors, headphones, Eurodesk Series analog mixing consoles, Europower powered mixers, and the V-Ampire guitar-modeling amplifier heads also got a reduced price tag.

“The price reduction also further reinforces our popular value proposition Double the Features, Half the Price. Our customers will be delighted to learn that the Company is constantly committed to revising its product prices to increase affordability, but without compromising on product quality and range of features. This reflects our extraordinary customer focus,” said Mr Deeb.

More information is available at the Behringer site.

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