Victoria Recreates Classic Amps

Victoria AmpsVictoria Amplifer Co. has introduced two amps, the Trem d’la Trem and the Regal, that recreate classic amp designs.

The Trem d’la Trem is a classic mid ’50’s tweed design based on the venerable Fender 5E9-A Tremolux. It employs 2 cathode biased 6V6’s to produce a modest 14 watts of power. The footswitchable trem effect is achieved by modulating the bias of the phase inverter, yielding a smooth musical effect that is not affected by the volume of the amplifier. It features a bright and normal channel, master tone, speed and intensity. An Eminence Legend 15″ speaker is standard, with other configurations available upon request. MSRP $2,395.00

The Regal is an original Victoria design loosely based on the amplifiers manufactured by the Valco Co. in the 50’s and 60’s. It is powered by one 6L6 in single ended class A operation. The Regal’s controls are Volume, Treble, Bass, Reverb, Speed and Intensity. The single 6L6 is perfect for discriminating tube swappers allowing for many hours of spirited conversation of the differences in tonal character of the many different brands and vintages of this workhorse of a power tube. The Regal is rated at approximately 15 watts, enough power for modest gigs and recording projects. The tremolo effect is achieved by modulating the bias of the driver tube, so, like the Trem d’la Trem, the tremolo can be enjoyed at any volume level. A single Eminence Legend 15″ inch speaker is the driver of choice. The Regal is covered in chocolate brown Tolex with a wheat grill. MSRP $2,395.00

For more information, visit the Victoria Amplifier site.

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