Concertino Tube Amp for iPod

Concertino tube ipod ampGoldster Audio has announced The Concertino, a combination of a tube based audio-amplifier and full range speakers designed and tuned exclusively for use with Apple’s iPod.

Concertino is “designed for iPod” in every respect. You can also adapt all kinds of traditional audio equipment like CD players etc. to your Concertino. AirPort Express even offers the possiblity of a wireless connection of the iMac and the Concertino so you can listen to your music library.

If you decide to go for a tube based amplifier nowadays, you do so mainly for two reasons: First, because of its special, charming spectrum of tone colours which even today can only be accomplished with tube technology. Second, for love of “traditional” technology. Just like the vinyl record has never lost its appeal to many, and just like mechanical watches have been rediscovered by a large group of aficionados, for HiFi addicts, only a tube based amplifier is considered the true heart of an excellent sound system.

The Concertino is 100% made in Germany. For its production, only components of highest quality are used. The case consists of solid aluminium and hardened glass, and its multi-layered paint is applied by hand.

The Concertino is compatible to iPod models of the generations 1 through 4, iPod mini as well as AirPort Express.

A mini-stereo to RCA cable, a power cord, special triple core speaker cables of 4 meters/approx. 13 feet of length with professional screw connectors are included in the Concertino package. Cable extensions and speaker stands of the same design can be ordered separately.

The Concertino can be ordered directly at the Goldster Audio site.

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