Electronica Artist BT On Korg Legacy Collection

BT Brian Transeau

Electronica artist BT has carried his success as a songwriter and performer into his film scoring ventures. He scored the Academy Award-winning Monster, as well as contributed music for The Fast and the Furious, Under Suspicion and Zoolander. He’s also currently writing music for an upcoming reality television chronicle he conceived about a rock star’s college exploits.

Korg’s Legacy Collection has assisted BT in keeping up with the fast pace of his work, while staying in touch with the sounds that got him started. BT remarks, “I’m really impressed that Korg decided to offer these instruments as software. I actually have all of the old original synths — an MS10, an MS20, an MS50, a Mono/Poly and a Wavestation. I compared the Legacy soft synths to the original units and in terms of accuracy, they sound great! Being able to combine the different synth models amazes me.”

BT adds, “The mini MS20 controller is awesome! It’s so much fun because it’s tiny and not oppressive. It doesn’t take up your whole workspace. The fact that I can manually patch things together is great. I’ve missed being able to do that. All in all, I think the Legacy collection is fantastic and I use it constantly.”

For news on the latest happenings in BT’s busy world, visit http://www.btmusic.com.

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