Evolver Polyphonic Analog/Digital Keyboard Announced

Dave Smith Instruments has announced the Evolver keyboard, a 4-voice synthesizer based on the Poly Evolver rack.

The keyboard has 4 voices, each a complete Evolver identical to the mono Evolver and Poly Evolver rack. For additional polyphony, Poly Evolvers can be chained via poly MIDI output.

The keyboard provides 512 Programs, 384 Combos, 78 knobs, 58 switches, blinking LFO and sequence blue LEDS, and backlit wheels, making this one of the most advanced polyphonic analog synths ever created.

DSI will be demonstrating the keyboard at NAMM, and hopes to be shipping by April. Price has yet to be determined, but street price should be in the lower $2K’s.

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