Nord Introduces Modular G2 Demo

Nord Modular G2Clavia has released a demo version of the Nord Modular G2 demo software.

According to Clavia, the demo only hints at the possibilities of the G2 itself:

In our view, only hardware can offer rockstable and trouble free operation in a ‘single box solution’. In other words; real musical instruments that you just pick up and take on the road to do a gig or a recording session. Or just to have a good time jamming with your friends. Still, this demo software gives you a good chance to see and hear what those characteristic high quality sounds of the G2 instruments are all about. And try out the endless possibilities by patching new synthesizers.

In the demo version of the software, several features are disabled:

  • Polyphony is limited to one voice while the hardware has a maximum of 32 voices per sound.
  • The demo can only play one sound at the time while the hardware is 4 part multitimbral.
  • Several modules are disabled.
  • The demo does not support audio in and MIDI out.

The performance of the software is also depending on the type and speed of your processor and audio card.

For more information, visit the Clavia site.

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