MacMice PodBuddy Connects iPods to Car Stereos

PodbuddyMacMice has introduced the PodBuddy car connection system for Apple iPods.

“We decided last year that a flex tube would be a great solution for mounting an Apple iPod in a car,” said DVForge Executive Vice President, Chuck Leonard. “So, we have spent a year doing the needed engineering and design work to build a great product. That product, the PodBuddy, is the first car mount solution in the world to work without an adapter with any model of Apple dock-connector equipped iPod or iPod mini. And, while we were at it, we completely reengineered the way that FM transmitters have historically worked in cars. We think we’ve hit the mark, and that the PodBuddy is the first car mount FM connection device to come to market that will please any owner.”

The PodBuddy has a high-grip cigarette lighter plug, connected to an adjustable iPod holding cradle by a 6-inch length of flexible steel tubing. The mounting/charging cradle uses a patent-pending adjusting mechanism to fit any model of dock connector iPod or iPod mini. The built-in all-original FM transmitter includes a patent-pending circuit that automatically selects and displays the best available FM radio frequency, permitting the user to simply accept that frequency, and tune the car radio to the same station, avoiding the constant hunt for open stations required by other music transmitters. PodBuddy also includes a high-quality line output jack at the lighter plug end of the product, for direct connection to an appropriate car stereo system.

The PodBuddy is available in both white and Special Edition black versions, and will begin shipping in February at a MSRP of $99.99.

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