ALTO Introduces 8-Channel Preamp With Digital Output.

Alto MP8D preamp

NAMM 2005: ALTO’s MP8D is an 8 channel instruments and microphone preamplifier with ADAT pipeline and 24-bit/192 Khz AES/EBU-SPDIF digital outputs. The MP8D is part of the ALTO ESOTAR line of processors. All of the ALTO Esotar products are built for the most demanding applications where accuracy, precision and sound transparency are a must. ALTO Engineers designed the circuit with only the best electronic components and mechanical parts including a very thick anodized aluminum faceplate.

The 8 channels of the MP8D include 8 sophisticated microphone preamplifiers with exceptional GAIN ( +60dB), extremely low distortion (0.007% THD) and outstanding S/N Ratio ( -128 dB). Insert point is also provided for every channel as well individual 48 Volt Phantom Power switch and High Pass Filter. Three LEDs are added to every channel indicating Gain Level and Clipping. The first 2 channels of the MP8D also includes 2 high quality instrument inputs. Users can connect directly with a Guitar or Bass for external DI Box use. The MP8D can be successfully used in compact 8 channel recording situations and/or to add microphone preamplification to an existing analog mixer.

Unlike some 8 channel preamplifiers, sampling rate and External clock are selectable from the front panel of the unit. Moreover, the AES/EBU-SPDIF format and the ADAT light pipe output can be run simultaneously giving you 16 digital output at the same time. Users can record with the MP8 when connecting to a Laptop, digital console or hard disk recorder.

MP8D Features Include:

  • 8 channels of ADAT lightpipe at up to 96 KHz
  • 8 AES/EBU and SPDIF output with up to 192 Khz sampling rates
  • External world clock input via BNC connector
  • EIN: 128 DB
  • THD+N: <0.007%
  • 48 VOLT PHANTOM Power
  • HIGH PASS Switch
  • HEADROOM: +22dB
  • ADAT Lightpipe
  • 192 Khz AES, EBU

More information is available at the ART Pro Audio site.

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