Discrete Drums Introduces Two News Loop Collections

Heavy Mental DrumsNAMM 2005: Discrete drums has introduced a pair of drum loop libraries with attitude, Heavy Mental and Ruff Drumz Bitch!

Discrete notes that “These are much more than typical drum loops, they are drum performances ranging from 2 beats to 16 bars. These collections includes TONS of variations from which to build unique song structures, and their multitrack nature allows for the utmost in sonic customization.”

Heavy Mental was recorded in the legendary “Big Boy” room at the SOUND KITCHEN in Nashville. This room can be seen in the “Making of Discrete Heavy Mental” in EQ magazine! 13 tracks of huge pounding drums – kick, snare, hat, stereo toms, stereo overheads, stereo room, stereo big room, stereo “gak” track. 15 projects with 50 or more segments (choruses, verses, fills, intros, solos, etc – one project has over 100!)

Segments within each project range from straight up simple rock beats, to flailing metal double kick, bashed out, kick-butt mayhem. Drummer Tony Morra puts his heart and soul into this collection. It must be experienced to be believed!

Discrete Drums Ruff Drumz Bitch!Ruff Drumz Bitch! is a really tasty collection of hypnotic, really grooving drums and electro percussion loops. Ruff Drumz Bitch! Was recorded in Philly’s Studio Four, home of Joe “da butcher” Niccolo and brother Phil. The team that brought you Lauren Hill, Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince, Cypress Hill and a ton of others. Drummer Andy Kravitz played to custom programmed loops (by himself and Joe N) for a soulful blend of human and machine grooves. The classic drum samples from all of those amazing records were used for the machine loops and are of course included here.

More information is available at the Discrete Drums site.

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