2005 NAMM Show: ILIO Origins

ILIO OriginsNAMM Show News: ILIO Entertainments has announced a new sample library from Dirk Campbell, the creator of World Winds. Origins is an exhaustive collection of authentic, atmospheric historical sounds that can add color to the composer’s palette. As well as multisamples presented in a variety of different dynamics and articulations, the library features a large number of expressive phrases and performances.

Origins’ vivid, dramatic samples promise to add sonic and musical interest to historical and archaeological productions, film scores (especially fantasy, sci-fi and horror), world music soundtracks, left-field rock and pop, creative remixes and any recordings which require imaginative sound design and innovative textures. Many of the sounds in this collection are available for the first time in any sample library.

The DVD-ROM includes rarities such as Greek aulos, Roman war horns, animal horns, flutes, whistles and reed pipes, bone flute, historical harp and lyre, historical zithers and bowed fiddle, ambient bass drums, timpani and tam tams, ambient ethnic drums and cymbals, ambient percussion, tribal drums, ethnic percussion, group vocal notes, vocal clusters, solo vocal notes and effects, Shamanic circular breathing songs, slave chants, war and celebration, swords and armour, mysterious pads and drones, sound effects, and others.

Origins retails for $349 and includes the formats EXS24 and GigaStudio 3.0 on one DVDROM.

More information is available at the ILIO site.

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