Audiocourses Adds Mixing/Mastering Course has unveiled an exciting new audio production mixing and mastering course delivered completely online over the internet, with software and materials from

The new course, Production Mixing & Mastering, is the latest distance learning audio course in a continuing line of new initiatives the school has to offer. The expansion at shows continued dedication to the student base, offering courses for everyone’s needs. Production Mixing & Mastering is a 100% practical course, offering top quality software plugins from, at a significantly reduced educational rate.

Included in the package are the session files (audio) for mainstream audio production platforms such as Pro Tools, Logic Audio, Cubase, Nuendo, and Sonar along with the Waves renaissance bundled software.

The course is set up so school students log in and chat live with their instructors (Production Advisors), and other like minded students weekly. The advisors assess the student productions and set up personalized learning programmes based on the students needs.

“We find our students cherish the interaction we offer at and we are certain that no other online school offers the kind of ‘vibe’ we have available. Our Production Advisors are dedicated and passionate in their field and this ‘rubs-off’ on our student cohorts”, states Director Christopher Hambly.

Production Mixing Mastering Course Syllabus

  • Week 1 – School Induction: Course Orientation, Systems and Methods, Communication Medium, Upload Center.
  • Week 2 – Dance Music Production: Drums, TX81z Bass, Synthesizers, Vocals, Vocal FX, Buss Effects.
  • Week 3 – R&B Music Production: Drums, Rhodes Piano, Strings, Lead Guitar Track, Accompanying Guitar Tracks, Downbeat Loop and Bass Scratch, Backing Vocals, Lead Vocals.
  • Week 4 – Country / Rock Music Production: Drums, Electric Guitars, Acoustic Guitars, String Orchestra, Organ Pad, Vocals.
  • Week 5 – Rock / Punk Music Production: Drums, Bass Guitar, Verse Guitar, Chorus Guitar, Solo Guitar, PAD, Lead Vocals.
  • Week 6 – Urban Remix Production: Drums, Bassline, Weird Guitar, Lead Vocals, Mixed FX, Reverb and Delay Send Effect Busses.
  • Week 7 – CD Mastering: Mastering of each of the 5 songs using techniques such as Compressing, Limiting, Ultramaximiser.
  • Week 8 – Promoting Your Music: getting your songs out there and listened to, networking.

The complete interactive training course featuring a 7 CD set and 200 page hardback book is set to be a popular choice for those students wishing to develop their production techniques to a whole new level, with regular feedback and a creative vibe to get the juices flowing.

For more information, check the Audiocourses site.

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