600 Watt Ashdown Rig Packs More Bass Per Buck

Ashdown Mag 600NAMM 2005: Ashdown’s MAG Series has been developed for the busy semi pro player who demands the Ashdown tone, but doesn’t need the sophisticated tone shaping and connectivity of Ashdown’s flagship ABM range. Two new additions to the MAG Series are being shown at NAMM 2005, both of which elevate the range to new levels of power and performance.

The rack-mounting MAG 600 head provides a massive 600 watts of power and offers a wealth of tonal variation through its simple but effective 5 band EQ section. Rotary Bass, Middle and Treble controls are supplemented by additional rotary controls centred on frequencies of 220Hz and 1.6kHz – each providing 15dB of cut and boost for complete signal contouring.

Further tonal possibilities are possible via front panel push switches for ‘Deep’ and ‘Bright’ modes. When engaged, ‘Deep’ mode provides a warm, rounded quality while ‘Bright’ mode gives extra bite and attack. Low frequency performance is further enhanced by the onboard sub harmonic generator, which delivers earth-shattering levels of bottom end response.

Passive and Active instrument inputs are standard, along with an effects send and return, tuner/line output and a balanced DI output for direct patching to a mixing console. The front panel line up is completed by Ashdown’s trademark retro style illuminated VU meter, which monitors input level.

Crucial to the MAG Series low end performance is the range of tough, durable cabinets – and nowhere is this more in evidence than the new Mag 810 cab. The ideal partner for the MAG 600 head, the 810 is loaded with 8 Ashdown BlueLine 10″ speakers for unparalleled low end performance, clarity and attack.

Ashdown’s Mark Gooday notes, “For those players who have always lusted after a huge backline with real depth and power, the MAG Series is now a realistically affordable option.”

More information is available at the Ashdown site.

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