K-Sounds Motif ES Piano Libraries

k-sounds pianoK-Sounds has announced two piano sample CD-ROM’s for the Yamaha Motif ES keyboards. Piano 1 features a Steinway D concert grand while Piano 2 features a Kawai EX concert grand

Each disc includes nineteen solo piano voices and fifteen performances which cater to a variety of applications and styles. Voices vary brightness, timbre, and dynamic response. Performances combine piano voices with electric pianos, pads, orchestras, and string sections. Additional “combo” performances combine piano, bass, and five carefully chosen rhythm patterns.

Both discs feature multiple stereo, velocity-switched configurations. Piano 1 includes four configurations ranging from 46Mb to 76Mb in size. Piano 2 offers six configurations ranging from 61Mb to 150Mb in size.

For more information, visit www.ksounds.com.

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