Winter NAMM Show: DynaGain Solid-State Amps

Traynor dynagainNAMM 2005: The North American built Traynor DynaGain Series DG65R and DG65D provide versatility and tube-like tone in your choice of 65-watt packages. The DynaGain65R and DynaGain65D employ a new three-stage dynamic tube emulation circuit with Yorkville’s proprietary ‘contour’ control to provide unparalleled tube-like tone in a solid-state amplifier design. The Transconductive power amplifier design employed in the DynaGain series ensures the solid-state amplification stage accurately responds like a tube amp, ensuring the best tube emulation possible.

The DynaGain DG65R comes equipped with an Accutronics® Spring Reverb, while the DG65D delivers digital reverb and a full compliment of 16 preset digital effects in its DSP package. Two discrete footswitchable channels with separate EQ’s on each ensure you can always find the sound you need, from crystal clean rhythm tones to searing leads. Speaker compensated headphone output with speaker defeat switch makes the DynaGain amplifiers the perfect amplifier for the practicing musician.

DG65RTraynor DynaGain amplifiers are made with solid plywood cabinet construction because Yorkville engineers believe MDF (medium density fiberboard) or particleboard can’t deliver great tone or long term reliability. A full metal grille under the grille cloth protects the 12-inch Eminence Redcoat Governor™ speaker used in the DynaGain series, while maintaining a truly vintage look to the amplifiers. Quality component selection including the use of glass epoxy circuit boards and attention to design details ensure years of rugged dependability.

For more information, visit the Yorkville site.

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