Winter NAMM: Traynor Custom Valve 50BLUE

Yorkville 50 blueThe Traynor Custom Valve 50BLUE (YCV50BLUE) is the latest addition to the popular North American built, all-tube Traynor Custom Valve guitar amp line. Originally designed only as a limited edition run, the demand for this re-voiced (and much heavier sounding) guitar amp forced Yorkville to add it to the line for 2005.

The Custom Valve 50BLUE has been tweaked and tuned to be a much ‘darker, Brit-sounding’ guitar amplifier. Unlike the rest of the Custom Valve line, the YCV50BLUE is powered by EL34”s in the power stage, giving it a little more ‘attitude’ than the 5881 (6L6) tubes used in the YCV40’s and YCV80’s.

Three Sovtek 12AX7WA dual triode preamp tubes provide real tube front-end overdrive in the Custom Valve 50BLUE. The presence control typically seen on other amps in the Custom Valve line has been removed from the YCV50BLUE and replaced with a new master volume control, giving the player more flexibility with the clean channel, and the ability to drive both lead and clean channels harder at a more livable playing volume.

Custom Valve 50BLUE The look of the Traynor Custom Valve 50BLUE has been changed to reflect its new attitude. An all new dark blue Nubtex finish and all-black hardware on the solid plywood cabinet makes it clear that this amp means business. A full metal grille under the jet-black grille cloth protects the 12-inch Celestion™ Vintage30 speaker.

It’s covered by Yorkville’s standard two-year (even if you break it!) transferable warranty*.

For more information, visit the Yorkville site.

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