NAMM 2005: Cycling ’74 Releases Pluggo for Windows

Squirrel Parade2005 NAMM Show: Cycling ’74, a software company based in San Francisco, has announced the release of Pluggo for Windows. This popular package of native audio processing plug-ins will be available on Windows XP for host applications supporting the VST and RTAS formats.

Pluggo offers over 100 creative and unusual real-time audio effects and includes the Essential Instruments collection, a set of elegant and immediately effective synthesizers and samplers. Pluggo effects include filtering, delay effects, distortion, granular synthesis, audio routing, sampling and synthesis, reverb, and sound localization. In addition, Pluggo offers modulation, synchronization, and audio and control routing capabilities between plug-ins.

The Windows release improves upon several of the venerable Pluggo effects with audio quality enhancements and efficiency improvements.

Pluggo users who want to build their own plug-ins entirely from scratch can create them using Cycling ’74’s Max/MSP software. Support for effects automation, parameter management, presets, host synchronization, and undo is provided in the development environment. Pluggo is the only way to develop a single plug-in that works in both the RTAS and VST host environments. A free runtime plug-in environment installer will be available from the Cycling ’74 web site.

Price and Availability: Pluggo for Windows has a suggested retail price of $199 and is now available for purchase from Cycling ’74.

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