Edirol FA-66 24-bit/192kHz FireWire Audio Interface

Edirol FA-66NAMM Show: Edirol has announced the newest addition to their line of audio interfaces, the FA-66. The FA-66 is a 6-channel version of the powerful FA-101 FireWire interface. The FA-66 builds on this technology offering a completely portable recording center with high-gain microphone preamps & premium analog components for home studio & field recording.

Edirol’s support of Apple’s Standard FireWire Audio Driver greatly simplifies the user experience when it comes to installation. Loading drivers is a thing of the past with the FA-66 in OS X. The user simply plugs-in and immediately the device appears offering the best sound quality, performance, and value to the Mac user. In addition, the FA-66 supports WDM/ASIO2.0 drivers for Windows XP.

The Edirol FA-66 allows simultaneous recording of up to 6 channels of audio at 24-bit, 96kHz, or up to 4 channels of audio at 24-bit/192kHz. Record two microphones directly into the FA-66 via the included phantom power mic preamps. These two XLR/TRS combo jacks can record from either microphone or line level devices directly into the computer — including Hi-Z capability for guitarists. Record any line-level device into the FA-66 through stereo RCA inputs including signals from CD players, Tape decks, mini disc, keyboards, mixing consoles or any other line device.

The FA-66 offers 4 TRS balanced +4dBu outputs allowing two different stereo outputs–great for keeping a main mix and a cue mix on separate outputs. The balanced +4dBu output ensures high signal levels and quality even when running cables long distances. Monitor incoming signals with ZERO latency through the Direct Mix monitor on the front of the FA-66.

A special performance-oriented feature of the FA-66 is a built-in limiter to reduce the chance of over-shooting the optimal input level of the FA-66. The FA-66 also offers stereo optical S/PDIF to record from and play to digital devices such as DAT or CD-Recorder. The FA-66 also offers MIDI I/O to connect a keyboard, sound module, or MIDI sync capable device.

Suggested retail price is $495.

For more information, visit the Edirol site.

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