Edirol PR-80 Real-Time Video Editor

Edirol PR-80NAMM Winter Show: Edirol demonstrated the PR-80, a real-time digital video performance and editing system designed for video display/performances in concerts, churches, tradeshows, hotels, retail, conventions centers and seminars. The PR-80 builds on the Edirol DV-7PR, which has become a standard in many concert tours and live worship applications.

Designed for use in any live event, the PR-80 is a unique, real-time visual performance system that allows instantaneous recall of hundreds of full-frame digital video clips. The operator can participate, spontaneously, in what is happening on stage providing a unique visual performance. In addition to touch screen support, the PR-80 can also respond to any MIDI based control device, such as a MIDI Keyboard, to allow the user to combine digital video clips, digital audio, and still images into a synchronized presentation (V-LINK).

The PR-80 allows display of two DV streams for mixing and cross-dissolving with the additional feature of selecting one of the streams to be keyed over the other (black, white or chroma). In addition, user definable masks are now available when using non-standard screen shapes like circles or even very wide aspect ratios. Other new features include a variety of new realtime effects like mirroring, multi-image as well as test patterns and color bars for easing projector setup.

The internal hard-drive storage format is DV so display quality remains very high – ideal for LED wall, large screen and plasma applications. Playback of clips is instant and can be configured to loop or play preset sequences.

Real-time presentations can be triggered on demand using a touchscreen, RS-232C device, MIDI, optional DV-7C controller, mouse or keyboard. For digital signage installations, the PR-80 contains a Scheduler for display management and is also networkable sharing content folders and clock adjustments remotely. Multiple PR-80s can be setup in a master/slave configuration for synchronized multiscreen applications. In addition, it can be turned into a stand-alone KIOSK via its customizable GUI.

The PR-80 ships with a wide range of 32 Artbeats clips, which if purchased individually would be valued at more than $4,500 USD. These full resolution clips are watermark free and come from some of Artbeats’ most popular collections, including: Cyber Journeys, ReelExplosions 4, Deep Forest, Sky Effects, City Rush, Water Effects 2, ReelFire 1, Mountain Peaks 1, Cloud Fly-Thrus 2 and Nature’s Gallery 2.

The PR-80 also includes the EDIROL DV-7DL PRO DV Editing System, a powerful video editor that allows the user to mix, edit and loop video in real-time. This intuitive editing process allows the creative flow to be less interrupted resulting in a higher quality product produced faster.

About the DV-7DL PRO DV Editing System

The EDIROL DV-7DL PRO is a real-time editing system offering many functions that improve the flow and creativity of the video production process.

With functions like AB roll, the user can benefit from the operational feel of real-time linear video editing but can take advantage of the results in non-linear video space. Other Direct Linear functions include non-stop loop-based editing, panning and zooming of still images, shift and crop of two video streams for side by side split screen, real-time PIP, Keying, Double Exposure and more.

The Direct Linear editing systems come equipped with FireWire (DV in/out) ports, S-video and composite video, and stereo audio. With the internal processing and storage being DV stream, quality remains high start to finish.

The goal of the Direct Linear editing products is to help the user create video using a live feel, real-time, minimizing interruptions to creativity.

Suggested retail price for the PR-80 is $6495.

More information is available at the Edirol site.

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