Ashdown Intros All Access Amps

All Access AmpNAMM 2005: Ashdown has introduced the All Access Guitar Amp series, compact amps for home, rehearsal and backstage use.

The G20R is a single channel 20-Watt combo featuring a high performance 8″ speaker and front panel switchable overdrive. Treble, Middle and Bass controls allow precision tone shaping, and a built-in spring reverb with its own dedicated level control gives that big-venue ambience just when you need it. Other pro features include a retro illuminated VU meter so you can check your output level, a front panel headphone output for silent practicing and a line output for laying down tracks in the studio.

The G40R combo is big brother to the G20R, and packs a little extra punch via its 40-Watt power output and 10″ speaker. Sharing all of the features of its smaller sibling, the G40R has the added flexibility of a front panel footswitch connection for the overdrive facility.

As well as offering all the features of the G20R and G40R, the G60R combo boasts 60 Watts of Ashdown power into a single 12″ speaker. The G60R also provides greater tonal flexibility by way of two independent channels, allowing an instantly selectable choice of clean and overdriven sounds. Channel 1 features Volume, Treble, Middle and Bass controls, while Channel 2 features Treble, Middle and Bass controls – with an extra Gain control for winding up that crucial overdrive.

The fourth member of the All Access family, the G20R MiniStack packages the amplifier design of the G20R into a separate head, complemented by a pair of rugged 1 x 8″ speaker cabinets to create a genuine Ashdown stack in miniature. Standing just 38″ tall, the G20R has a huge personality and looks cool anywhere from the bedroom to backstage.

For more information, visit the Ashdown site.

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