Groove Tubes Intros SFX Spacestation at Winter NAMM Expo

Groove Tubes SpacestationNAMM 2005: Groove Tubes has introduced a re-designed SFX Spacestation. The SFX Spacestation is a compact and rugged powered stereo monitor that implements Groove Tubes’ patented SXF (Stereo Field Expansion) 300-degree stereo sound field technology. The SFX Spacestation measures only 17″ high, 10″ wide and deep and is lightweight for a self-powered (40 watts RMS per channel) stereo monitor.

The SFX Spacestation’s specification has changed considerably since its initial introduction. After months of real-world testing, Groove Tubes was able to raise the power from 40 to 100W per side, while bring the suggested retail price down to $495 USD.

Despite its small size, the SFX Spacestation offers the same 300-degree surround sound image of GT’s larger SFX models. This small size factor makes it perfect for solo and small group performers in small to medium venues that want a room-filling sound without cluttering the area with large amplifiers or PA systems. Guitarists can take the output of their favorite effects/modeling device (i.e., Line 6 Pod) and run it directly into the SFX Spacestation with no other equipment needed. Keyboardists can plug directly into the SFX Spacestation and enjoy full-range sound that reproduces every nuance of their instrument with a realism that previously was only possible with stereo headphones. The SFX Spacestation is also superb when used as a small but efficient PA system for acoustic electric guitars and/or vocals, with its SFX technology creating a psychoacoustic sense of being enveloped in sound from a single source, regardless of audience position from front row to back corner.

The new SFX Spacestation model offers a control to vary the width of the stereo sound field, as well as an overall level control. In its lowest position, the SFX Spacestation performs as a clean, quiet amp device. Put the SFX control at its highest, and sound output will seem to emanate from throughout the room.

For more information, visit the Groove Tubes site.

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