Hartke Shows New Acoustic Guitar Preamp Pedal

Hartke Acoustic AttackAt the 2005 Winter NAMM Show, Hartke introduced the Hartke AGX Acoustic Attack Pedal. It gives the acoustic guitar player the ability to dial in an acoustic tone while playing through an amplifier or PA system.

The AGX emulates a tube/microphone preamp with a 3-band bass, treble and sweepable parametric mid EQ section, making it a must-have tool for studio and stage performers who play acoustic guitar.

The mid-band parametric allows the performer to find and cut a specific frequency that might be feeding back, then add some sparkle and depth with the treble and bass controls. Doubling as a direct box, the AGX can be transparent with no effected signal. The Mix Control then allows the user to blend the effected and dry signal to the output for the perfect mix.

The AGX pedal is constructed of solid extruded aluminum for years of dependability and operates on 9-volt, AC-adapter, and phantom power.

For more information, visit the Hartke site.

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