Kustom Debuts Sienna Acoustic Guitar Amps

Kustrom Sienna Series Guitar AmpsKustom used the 2005 Winter NAMM Expo to introduce an updated version of its Sienna Series of acoustic guitar amplifiers.

The new Sienna Series takes Kustom’s previous acoustic guitar amp models and puts a fresh new spin on them. For starters, an attractive new tan-colored covering is now used on all models. The new, lighter color has a cleaner, sharper look than the earthier, brown shade previously used.

New Kustom speakers have been developed exclusively for the Sienna Series. The special 8-, 10- and 12-inch speakers have a flatter, Hi-Fi-type response that ideally suits the extremely wide frequency and dynamic ranges generated by acoustic guitars. The result is a more natural, less “electrified” type of sound that acoustic players prefer.

To enhance clarity and high-frequency detail, the Sienna Series models now provide a high frequency driver in each cabinet. This feature, in tandem with the new speaker design, helps retain the unique harmonic content of each instrument and contributes a sparkling high-end sound quality.

The Sienna Series also features an all-new digital effects section. New algorithms for reverbs and delays offer heightened effect performance and an expanded frequency range provides a greater sense of spaciousness in the sound.

“With all the upgrades and enhancement to our acoustic guitar amps, we felt it merited a new name for these products,” said Mark Hunter, marketing manager. “The Sienna Series takes what was already a popular product line and makes it noticeably better.”

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