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Kustom Groove Bass AmpExpanding on the popularity of its stage-shaking Groove Bass amp line which was introduced in 2004, Kustom Amplification unveiled three, high-powered Groove Bass combo amplifiers at Winter NAMM. The new models deliver classic Groove Bass tones but in smaller, more portable configurations.

The new Groove Bass 115C features one 15-inch Eminence® speaker, a compression horn with its own Level control and 600 watts of output power as a self-contained unit; external speaker cabinets are not required to utilize all 600 watts. The Groove Bass 210C offers the same 600-watt circuit, but with two, 10-inch Eminence speakers. And last but not least, the Groove Bass 310C provides three 10-inch Eminence speakers with 1,200-watt output power. Again, this is 1,200 watts as the amp is wired; additional speaker cabinets are not necessary to attain full power.

According to Bob Imhoff, general manager of Kustom, the professional-quality bass tones generated by the new Groove Bass combos are due a combination of factors: specially designed drivers, deep cabinets that help maximize lower frequencies, and high power output.

“Groove Bass cabinets are designed to take up less floor space than other combos on the market,” says Imhoff. “You’ll notice that they are tall and deep, rather than wide like most amps. This is because bass players typically set up beside the drummer. A drum set takes four feet of stage depth anyway, so why not design the cabinets to utilize more depth? It just makes good sense. The result is an expansive low-end presence.”

In addition to these design characteristics, the new Groove Bass combo amps feature the same pre-amp features as the original Groove Bass 1200 head, including a 9-band active EQ; a rotary Bass control with Normal/Sub settings; a Mid control with EQ shift; and a High control with Normal/Define settings for altering the high-end EQ emphasis. The input can be optimized for active or passive pickups, a Solo Boost function takes the volume up a notch for solos, and a Mute switch silences the amp when using an external tuner. (Mute and Boost functions may be accessed either via the front panel or the Groove Bass footswitch, which is included.) On the back panel of each Groove Bass combo amp you’ll find Neutrik Speak-On output connectors; a low-Z, balanced Line Output with ground lift and an Effects Loop that can be operated either Pre-EQ or Post-EQ for added flexibility.

All three Groove Bass combo cabinets are built with 18-mm plywood, an electrostatically powder-coated steel grill, and heavy-duty spring-loaded handles. The 115C and 210C include removable castors. The 310C features a tilt-back roller design for easy portability.

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