E-MU Intros XBoard USB/MIDI Control Keyboards

2005 NAMM Show: E-MU Systems announced its new Xboard 25 and Xboard 49 Professional USB/MIDI Controllers for PC and Mac operating systems, featuring full-size velocity sensitive keyboards with aftertouch, 16 programmable real-time controllers, Xboard Control editing software, and E-MU’s new Proteus X LE Desktop Sound Module with over 1000 sounds.

The Xboard Control software provides a desktop interface that lets you create custom templates for all of your favorite hardware and software instruments. The Xboards also allow you to set discrete MIDI channels for each controller and offer real-time control and performance features, including Snap Shot that lets you send multiple program changes and controller values by pressing a single button, and Xboard Latch Mode that enables you to define a section of the keyboard as on/off triggers — perfect for drum loops.

Both Xboard models are ultra-portable and can run on USB, battery, or AC power. The Xboard 25 and Xboard 49 Professional USB/MIDI Controllers will ship April 2005.

For more information, visit the E-MU site.

2 thoughts on “E-MU Intros XBoard USB/MIDI Control Keyboards

  1. i want to connect my PC usb to Xboard Control product, I think. I want to assign midi channel to one midi device, e.g. Roland RA-50 or RA-90. Just to set midi channel values … upper, lower, bass, drums, accompaniements channel, control channel. I want to assign channel numbers to values compatabible to my Roland GR-50 and deactivate other midi channels I don”t use. A plug-in usb controller setup would be great. Is this possible? Is there interface software available?

    Can you help?

    Joe Gribat

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