NAMM: Sonic Implants Complete Symphonic Series

Sonic Network Inc., creators of Sonic Implants sound libraries, previewed its complete Symphonic Collection at this year’s Winter NAMM show in Anaheim, CA, marking this as the first time that the company will be displaying the culmination of its nearly three years of sampling labor.

Joining the previously released Sonic Implants Symphonic String and Symphonic Brass Collections are the Symphonic Woodwinds and Symphonic Percussion collections. The Symphonic Woodwind Collection features exceptional recordings of solo and ensemble flutes, bassoons, clarinets, piccolos, and English horn. With a staggering array of drums, cymbals, mallets, and hand percussion including many esoteric offerings like bowed cymbals, earth plates, and sizzle strips, Sonic Implants’ Symphonic Percussion Collection features superb recordings from the renowned acoustic confines of Sonic Temple in Roslindale, MA., captured by the same award winning engineering and production team that has helped to make Sonic Implants one of the preeminent instrument designers in the sampling industry.

‘We’re very proud and fortunate to have had so many talented people who were willing to work so hard together to realize this one common goal,’ says Jennifer Hruska, president of Sonic Network. ‘All I can say is that the results are truly spectacular.’

Released in July of 2002 and, at its time, the largest sample collection in existence, Sonic Implants Symphonic String Collection quickly garnered rave reviews for its comprehensive focus, intuitive playability, and stellar sound quality. Jim Van Buskirk, creator of Gigastudio had this to say of the collection, ‘This library is beauty, edge, and sensitivity that leaps right out of the box- making absolute connection with your inner musicality.’ Similarly high praise followed from film and TV composers, many of whom were making music for broadcast within minutes of having installed the collection on their hard drives. Upon release of the Symphonic Brass Collection in June of 2004, Sonic Implants further cemented its reputation for quality and excellence by offering an orchestral brass library that combined unprecedented section flexibility with Sonics’ singular reputation for expressiveness and playability. With the impending completion of the Symphonic Woodwinds and Percussion libraries and release of the complete Symphonic Collection, composers will now have the opportunity to make Sonic Implants their medium of choice for all manner of orchestral scoring and composition; with a collection of instruments that is destined to become the new industry standard.

Recorded exclusively within the exquisite Victorian confines of the renowned Sonic Temple in Roslindale, MA, the Sonic Implants Symphonic Collection offers exceptional recordings of orchestral instruments performed by musicians from the Boston Pops and Ballet orchestras, captured in sparkling detail by a team of award-winning recording engineers and honed to perfection by a design crew with more than thirty years cumulative experience in soundware development. Offering a singular acoustic aesthetic that is spacious yet revealingly intimate in its ability to impart clarity, depth, and definition to the broad spectrum of orchestral instruments, the Sonic Implants Symphonic Collection also offers users an orchestral solution with prodigious flexibility, intuitive programming, and an authentic virtual soundstage that allows for the correct respective placement of instruments and sections without the need for additional processing or panning.

Of course, talk of technical specifics shouldn’t serve to obscure what are, ultimately, the defining characteristics of any sample collection; fidelity and feel. As Ms.Hruska explains, ‘Creating music is such an elusive pursuit that musicians can’t afford to waste time and energy with sounds that don’t deliver the goods. From the beginning, our goal has been to create a collection of symphonic instruments whose expressiveness and playability would do more than just serve the composer’s creative muse, but inspire it. With the completion of the Sonic Implants Symphonic Series, we’re proud to offer an orchestral solution that accomplishes all these goals and much, much more.’

The complete Sonic Implants Symphonic Collection is slated for a March 1st release. Those interested in finding out more information about included instruments and articulations should visit Sonic Implants online at for more specific details including audio demos of the Symphonic Collection in action.

For more information, visit the Sonivox site.

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