Muse Receptor Compatible With Hundreds of Plug-Ins

Muse Research has announced that it completed testing for compatibility with hundreds of freeware plug-ins that can be found by anyone on the web. The company reports that Receptor customers are finding new plug-ins that work with Receptor almost daily and the list is growing fast. The web is full of compatible plug-ins and a Receptor customer can install them using the “Unsupported Plug-ins” installation feature. A complete listing of the available plug-ins is available at

Receptor is a stand-alone synth, sampler, and sound module that makes it easy for musicians to perform live using VST plug-ins. Receptor has a unique preset and effects architecture that enables the user to create great sounds that can’t be found in any other hardware device. New plug-ins can be loaded into Receptor in one of two ways; using Receptor’s standard installer routines or, for plug-ins that aren’t supported by Receptor’s installer mechanism, installing the plug-ins directly into a folder and then checking the “Unsupported Plug-ins” box on the Set Up page. It is this latter installation facility that has so greatly increased the number of plug-ins that you can run on Receptor.

“Right out of the box I started tweaking the amazing assortment of pre-installed plug-ins.” comments dance music artist and Receptor user Richard Devine. “It’s an extremely versatile live effects box in addition to the synthesizers and samplers. I’ve been using it on all my gigs with just the plug-ins that were shipped with it.”


Muse Research maintains a separate website that supports Receptor called The plugorama website provides support information as well as updates for Receptor software. Receptor has hundreds of software synths and effects pre-installed, and dozens of these come from “premium” developers whose products can be purchased directly on the web. New to the plugorama site is a complete listing of the new freeware plug-ins that have been determined to run on Receptor.

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