NAMM: Muse Receptor Updated

Muse Research has announced the Version 1.2 software upgrade for Receptor, the new hardware plug-in player. This software update for Receptor adds significant new features, including ADAT output support that increases the number of outputs to a total of ten. Also new in version 1.2 is the introduction of a new technology called “Z-Load” (patent-applied-for) that dramatically reduces the amount of time required to load a plug-in, as well as all new MIDI mapping features with full support for keyboard zones and layers, improving Receptor’s functionality as a synth, sampler, and sound module. Version 1.2 software for Receptor is slated to ship in the first quarter of this year.

Muse Receptor

Although Receptor was designed for live use, it also serves as an external processor in the studio. When used in the studio, it is desirable to return individual channels of audio signals back to your DAW or mixer, and for this reason Receptor has a built-in ADAT optical interface. Version 1.2 software redesigns the mixer to support these outputs, and provides you with complete routing control over the ADAT outputs as well as the S/PDIF output, raising the total number of outputs on Receptor to ten, in addition to the four inputs.

Version 1.2 software also includes many new MIDI mapping features, designed with the input of keyboardist and Receptor endorser Jordan Rudess. These MIDI mapping features make it easy to set up multiple layers and splits in Receptor, making it an ideal tool for live performance, regardless of what music style you make.

Muse Research also demonstrated a new technology in Receptor that makes it possible to load plug-ins in just milliseconds, versus the several seconds or sometimes tens of seconds required by a computer. Z-load technology was developed by Muse Research to further enhance Receptor as the ultimate synth / sampler / sound module. Muse Research has also applied for a patent for this.

Version 1.2 software will be the second release of software since the introduction of Receptor, and is available free to all Receptor customers by visiting the website. Version 1.2 software is expected to be available by the end of the first quarter of 2005.

For more information, visit the Muse Research site.

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