Godlyke Intros Maxon Real Tube Series

Maxon Real TubesGodlyke has introduced the Maxon Real Tube Series of guitar effects to the North American market.

Identical to the original circuits, the Maxon Real Tube Series brings professional-quality tube tone to the stompbox world. Each Real Tube Series model features a heavy-duty; 1/16” bent steel chassis with air vent for tube. Only the highest quality components are used, including metal jacks and switches and hand-selected dual triode tubes with isolated sockets. The combination of superior components and ingenious design yields stunningly realistic tones that rival the most expensive tube gear. All Real Tube Series models are backed by a 3-year parts and labor warranty.

ROD880 REAL OVERDRIVE – Works like an additional preamp to add amazingly realistic tube amp tones to any guitar rig. Gain and Master Volume controls provide a diverse palette of overdrives, while three band EQ provides precise tonal control. All settings are kept clean and noise-free by the on-board Noise Reduction circuitry. List Price $350.

ROD881 REAL OVERDRIVE/DISTORTION – Takes all the great overdriven tube sounds of the ROD880 and turbo charges them by adding a switchable Distortion mode for searing, super-saturated tones as well as a footswitchable Boost mode that effectively adds another channel to your amplifier. On board Noise Reduction circuitry keeps signal clean and noise-free. List Price $365.

RCP660 REAL COMPRESSOR – Studio-quality tube compression with footswitchable Boost mode, allowing for multiple applications from recording preamp to clean booster. Low noise operation and full-frequency response allows for both live and studio use with Guitar or Bass. List price $350.

More information is available at the MaxonFX site.

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