The End is Near

HypnotiqueFrom England (aka the UK), the lovely and mysterious thereminist Hypnotique sends news that the end is near.

Her spectacularly dark and disturbed debut album The Hanging Garden, soothing and uplifting music for the impending apocalypse, will be available from March 2005 on limited edition CD with handmade artwork and MP3 download on Hypnotique’s own imprint, Lunette Records.

To paraphrase Mr Paul Vickers, “if you like hanging, and you like gardens, you’ll love The Hanging Garden!” The cockles of your heart will be warmed to hear that NONE of the proceeds from this album will go to helping the victims of the tsunami. Or any other foreigners.

For a taste of things to come, download a free MP3 promo from the album, entitled The Witch’s Tale, on Valentine Records website. See December’s download.

Hypnotique’s three “Switched On” radio shows (Jean-Jacques Perrey, Bob Moog & Early Electronic Oddities) from 2004 plus the “into the ether” theremin radio show from 2003 are available on line at:

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