Sonic Studio Serves Up Free Test Drive

sonic studio ddpSonic Studio has announced that their latest product, SonicStudio•DDP for Macintosh OS X, is being made available as a time–limited free download.

The newly released SonicStudio•DDP is a Mac OS 10–native utility specifically designed to read, modify and rewrite PQ metadata embedded in the industry standard Disc Description Protocol (DDP). DDP was developed to ensure data integrity of optical discs during the production process. SonicStudio•DDP allows facilities that rely on DDP process flow to manipulate existing DDPi or DDP image file sets without having to reload or change the source audio material.

In keeping with Sonic Studio’s management vision of creating focused tools to streamline production mechanisms, the company is offering a 30 day, no-cost download of SonicStudio•DDP for replicators and mastering facilities everywhere to experience the application for themselves in a simple convenient manner. “If you use DDPi, then you really need SonicStudio•DDP,” said Sonic Studio president Jon Reichbach. “The bang for the buck is tremendous and, we want to prove it with our trial offer.” “This initiative demonstrates our efforts to focus on critical workflow issues. Ensuring accurate PQ entry no longer requires a full workstation,” adds Jayson Tomlin, director of business development.

A fully functional version of SonicStudio•DDP is available for free download at, along with more information on the application and the full suite of Sonic Studio products for PCM and DSD production.

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